Government Of Canada Information Sharing Agreements

It is recommended that the exchange of information by the publishing institution be properly recorded or recorded in the person`s file, so that recipients of any erroneous information can be informed and provided with accurate information. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Act is another example of legislation that authorizes the transfer of personal data outside of Canada. The Act allows the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to enter into agreements with governments and international organizations to facilitate the formulation, coordination and implementation of policies and programs under the Minister`s jurisdiction, including the collection, use and disclosure of information. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act allows the service (known as CSIS) if it has the consent of the appropriate minister to enter into agreements after consultation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, or to cooperate with the government of a foreign state, an institution of that state or an international state organization. This cooperation could, of course, include the transfer of personal data held by state institutions through Canadians or other foreigners. In accordance with Article 8, paragraph 5 of the Data Protection Act, the institution must inform the data protection delegate that it discloses personal data in the public interest. The Commissioner may express concerns about the proposed disclosure and, if the Commissioner deems it appropriate, notify the person whose information is disclosed. However, the decision to disclose the information in the public interest and the amount of that information is the exclusive responsibility of the head of the institution (or the chief designated in accordance with Section 73). The data protection representative does not have the authority to prevent disclosure. The Directive provides that institutions meet the following requirements when personal data is transmitted to another public or private institution, including another public institution: Section 11 of the Data Protection Act provides that the description of Info Source databases contains a statement on the consistent uses for which the information can be used or disclosed. Article 9 (4) of the Act requires institutions to notify the Federal Data Protection Commissioner when personal data is used or disclosed in a manner consistent with the purpose or purposes for which the information was obtained or collected, but which is not included in source information.