In A Real Estate Listing Agreement The Sales Associate Who Has Made The Listing Presentation

How can a real estate professional provide recommendations and future stores after a closure? It is difficult to estimate the increase or loss of value resulting from the items you have imagined as you go through time. In reality, it is unlikely that the customer will surprise you with last minute information about a pool or a new A/C. In general, the types of unknown challenges that come during the inspection are discovered. Unfortunately, these are often corrections for remediation, electricity or other infrastructure that can be costly. In times of high inventory, you may need to adjust your price downwards to be competitive, while a low inventory market can bring you a higher selling price in a seller`s market. Similarly, a seller may ask you to lie about the condition of the property. Although you are not expected to be an expert in architecture, plumbing or electricity, you cannot lie about the material errors you know or have been revealed to you. So if you`re the listing agent and your seller tells you that the pipes are cracked, or if you see boxes floating in a flooded basement, you have no choice but to reveal it to a buyer. Of course, it is best to advise your client to solve the problem before closing.

An exclusive right-to-sale agreement offers the listing company if a sale takes place, and no matter if the broker, seller or someone else got the sale, the listing broker is paid in all cases. For example, your home has a swimming pool in the ground. Other offers with ground pools make good comparisons. Fences that are well repaired are another convenience to consider. Some amenities are not tangible assets. For example, a house with a view of the sea will be able to command a much higher price than a house without a view, a few blocks from the beach. However, the two characteristics are different on the entire surface. The building has a living area of 1,980 m2, while the comparable dwelling has 2,000 sqm.

Therefore, the largest property is more valuable. Based on price calculations per square metre, a negative adjustment of USD 2,240 is made. The comparable properties in the last section were sold to houses with known selling prices. In addition, you need to take a look at the current offers in the same area that your offer will compete. You may need to adjust your list price up or down to be competitive in the market. Keep in mind that adjustment values are based on market data and broker experience.